About LAVA Tech

LAVA Tech is a dedicated group of engineering, manufacturing and marketing experts with years of experience and proven success in providing new and innovative products to consumer, IT and computer industries in retail, application-specific, private branding or OEM customers.

With in-depth knowledge of rapidly changing product trends and market needs, we are able to quickly design and integrate new products with state of the art hardware and software platforms. We specialize in high resolution displays integrated with latest hardware platforms for home entertainment, business and industrial applications. LAVA Tech’s world leading multi-function display products are best-in-class for home and office use or take it with you on the go!

With headquarters Los Angeles California, we have additional branch offices in Fremont, Atlanta and Boston for better logistical and supply support through out the United States.

Backed by a world class manufacturing facility with the latest modern SMT production lines, LAVA Tech is able to produce with high quality standards in high volume.

We are committed to providing specialized OEM, private branding design or customized product integration for industrial, medical, educational and commercial applications with quick turn key design and integration.