1. What version of Android is on the tablet?
- Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

2. Technical support contact information.
- Go to

3. How to troubleshoot on screen froze?
- Press power off and hold for few second, or reset button.

4. Where to locate drivers on device?
- Open Apps on the top right hand corner of home screen and open Explorer or File Manager. Then, you can open your drivers.

5. How to move your Apps?
- Press and hold the icon until it shows to Home Screen.

6. How to remove icon from my Home Screen?
- Press, hold and drop in trash can on top of the screen.

7. How can I connect to a Wi-Fi network?
- Go to Apps, press Settings, select Wi-Fi, and find your wireless network router.

8. How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection?
- Turn the Wi-Fi Off, and then turn it back On.

9. How to uninstall Apps?
- Go to Settings > select Apps > click on selected Apps > press Uninstall and Ok.

10. How to turn on Bluetooth?
- Go to Settings > Bluetooth > switch on/off button.

11. How to change the language on tablet?
- Go to Settings > select Language & Input > select Language on the top right hand side of the screen.

Product damage or conditions not covered by Limited Warranty

Improper use, dropping of the tablet or abuse of touch screen panel or the A/C adaptor of tablets resulting in broken, cracked, scratched panel or the tablet become none-operational is not covered by the warranty.

All LAVA Tech products with Wi-Fi networking feature must work under proper and above average Wi-Fi signal coverage by the wireless network provider. Poor Wi-Fi coverage may result in bad connection; the unit will not perform properly as a result. This operational condition causing the unit to fail or perform improperly is not covered by the warranty.